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This little Yorkie is all boy and thinks he is a Doberman. Yet he is as loving as you could ever imagine. Unfortunately, he was born with a malformed trachea which inevitably led to a collapsing trachea (already a common issue for this breed). In 2012, he suffered a severe complication from getting overexcited and barking which caused his trachea to swell while simultaneously causing him to aspirate and develop pneumonia in a matter of a couple of hours. On route to the hospital, he died but his owner was able to perform CPR and get him back. He spent a week in ICU in the oxygen to the tune of several thousand dollars, Thanks to the great doctors at Red Bank Veterinary, he made a full and complete recovery.

Then in 2017, the same thing happened again. He died on the table but the doctor was able to resuscitate him and save his life. He spent several days again in ICU and made a full recovery. This time the owners had spent all their savings, Care Credit and one of them had recently lost their job and holding on to not losing their home. Thanks to supporters like you and Save U.S. Pets, they were able to meet the financial burden.

Zac has been given stern warnings about getting too excited. He's living life to the fullest and a very happy little guy.

Saved Pets

Over the course of the past fifteen years, Our Foundation has had the privilege of helping save over 500 pets and given more than half a million dollars in grants, thanks to our supporters !

Below are pictures of some of our grant recipients and their stories. We hope these will inspire you to join our efforts to make a difference.

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