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It’s amazing what we can do when we work together toward a greater good.

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2003 – Red Bank Veterinary Foundation is started by

              employees of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.


2007 – The Foundation launches on its own as a

              separate entity and changes its name to

              Save U.S. Pets Foundation, Inc.


2012 – Over $60,000 in grants are given to pets

              owners in financial need of help.


2013  - Save U.S. Pets celebrates a major milestone,

              10 years reaching out and helping the

              community to give pets a chance at living full

              and happy lives.

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Mission + Vision

"Just ten years ago, over 100,000 pets were receiving less than the adequate medical care they needed and all too often euthanasia was the chosen alternative.

For the past ten years, Save U.S. Pets Foundation has reached out across the State of New Jersey, raising funds and giving grants to help give these pets a chance at a full life."


Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible.

Edwin Ortiz


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