Save U.S. Pets Foundation

Please join us in thanking the many people and companies who supported our event with donations or sponsorship ! Click on the dancing pets below.


Our 2015 Gala/Comedy Fundraiser was a major success and netted us about $20, 000. Think of all the pets we can help now ! Many thanks to all who attended and those who supported us !

Please follow the links below for more information and for pictures from the event.

getting HELP

 Many people find themselves in need of financial assistance with their pets' medical needs. In order to reach as many as we can, we have set some strict guidelines. Learn how our Foundation operates and what the criteria is to receive help.

List of participating veterinarians

Find a participating veterinarian in your community. If your veterinarian is not on the list, tell them about us.

There is also access to the necessary forms for our veterinarians to use when applying for a grant.

Saved Pets

See some of our saved pets and their remarkable stories. It's how a community reaches out to help each other in the time of need for the sake of their pets.